Daryl Farr

Welcome to my blog, on this post you’ll find the links to all of my work;

On my Flickr you’ll find any and all sketches I’ve done and uploaded.

You can also view much the same on  my DeviantART.

My most up-to-date showreel is here;

Also an Ident I made;

Final year animation project; The Jabberwocky.

Directed a music video.


While any other animations can be viewed on youtube.

E-mail: dfarr26@hotmail.com

Number: 07833787782

Daryl Farr

To do List…

Constantly expanding.

Continue to add and expand to my Flickr and DeviantART.

Continue to work on “Childrens Tale”, “Perseus and Medusa, Western Tale”

Look up;     Bill Wattison.     Saul Bass (what advice would you give an animator).      French animation school Goblyns.     Winsor McCay.    The Rocketeer.    Dead Pirates.     Vimeo.    The Body Beautiful.    Walt Stanchfield. Mark Crilley. Heinrich Kley. Jake Parker

[Wally Woods 22 panels]. Dave Perrin’s Game Design.

More people to look up in their designs;     Antonio Goudi,    Hugh Ferris,    Anton Furst,    Lebbeus Woods,   Giovanni Battista Piranesi,    Zaha Hadid,   Alfonse Mucha,    Hector Guinard,    Cassandra (Art Deco designer),    Shaun Tan,    Vitruvius,   Frank Lloyd,   Phillipe Stark, Webb Smith, and Yuri Norstien.

Draw more.

Remember; http://reference.sketchdaily.net/ and http://artists.pixelovely.com/

To do List…