Induction week, back to school.

So………… last week, I had my induction at the HULL SCHOOL OF ART AND DESIGN!!! (HSAD…. sounds like a terrorist cell…. HASSAD! Viva la Hassad.)

Yeah, was good. Had a look at the Ferens Gallery, the Hepworth in Wakefield, the Leeds Art Gallery, and even stopped in the whaling museum for knowledge is helpful, no matter the cause. Will be returning to those places from time to time. I spent my Friday night typing up my notes made on the various artworks that caught my attention, as well as assigning them to the Google images, printing and finally sticking them all up on the various walls around my flat.

Not sure why I did that, but the reasons will make themselves known to me soon. Something about quick reference.

Will have to make a habit of posting every week, and probably see about sticking my other work on here also in the various categories. Also need to finally get to finishing that book on the finer points of animation, taking into account physics and exaggerated movements. You wouldn’t think the medium of exaggerated movement would require taking physics into account but evidently it does, and it looks all the more better for it.

Must remember to stretch those limbs one frame before the final frame. It helps translate the speed at which the action was taken.

Induction week, back to school.

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