Alayna, the Girl in White, the Fallen, the Gunknight Squire. Was a concept born from a story idea, “the girl that fell from the sky”. She crash lands in a small, empty hamlet, namely in the meeting hall. Despite the distance, she is uninjured. She has no memory of who she is, where she comes from, or where she is. As she leaves the hamlet, she is pursued by dark mortal beings known as shroud hounds. She flees into the woods with them hot on her trail. In her flight, Alayna happens upon the crash site of a ship known as the “Wicked Wanderer”, unbeknownst to her, the time-drive equipped air-ship belongs to the former Time Pirate, Captain Raynard. Occasionally privy to bouts of Battle Clarity, (a state of mind that gives Alayna the knowledge of any weapon she holds and the strength and skill to wield it) she breaks the mounted gatling cannon off of the ship and uses it to fend off the Shroud Hounds. A feat thought impossible by a girl of her size and stature.
As she laments at the ridiculousness of her situation, a mysterious 4 wheeled vehicle arrives. Blinded by the floodlight’s she is unable to make out the occupants other than a single man that approaches her, and identifies himself as Captain Thantos Blake, Gunknight Errant of the Baladion Chapter. Though his tone is neutral, he quickly becomes threatening when he demands Alayna to identify herself, but she can give no answer. Thankfully, the name comes to her in a single flash of memory, but that’s all she is able to take from it. She collapses from the shock.
Gun em down oh i dunno rough stuff In this picture, Alayna appears far more mature. That was an accident. new alayna Picture was redone in flash, he face was reshaped to look less… Quagmire. armoured rough stuff Here she has donned an improvised battle attire made from scraps of other armour, she also has the gatling cannon, only it’s been modded to allow a sword to fit through it, as if the gun itself serves as a sheathe. Alayna A close up of her face, done in flash. I animated it briefly to allow for hair movement, but was too mechanical. A Title Her title card. I may redesign her battle outfit so it’s less unique to her and less flattering. Because, let’s face it, armour isn’t meant to be sexy. Unless you’re some kind of… metalphile. Though it is never specified, Alayna’s age is meant to be in her late teens.


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