Uses of Animation…. besides films. Notable stuff.

Peter Gabriel, a British Musician, employed a lot of stop-motion animation in his music videos, most notable “Sledgehammer” and “Big Time”.

Directed by Stephen R. Johnson and produced by Adam Whitaker. Aardman animations and Brothers Quay provided the claymation, pixelation and stop motion animation.

AC/DC used animation in the opening sequence of Rock ‘N Roll Train Live at the River Plate in Argentina.

That twinings advert featuring a rehashed softer version of Wherever You Will Go from The Calling uses animation. It’s drawn in a watercolour style, most likely to convey just how relaxing it’s meant to be twinings tea.

A bloggers view.

Doesn’t even have to be full TV features. Those moving ad boards seen on the sides of football pitches turn to use cut-ins/fade ins/spin ins… something like that. Hungry? Try Snickers. Thirsty? Have a coke.

Legendary Music Video made use of Rotoscoping! Take On Me – Aha.

A team recorded the video in live action, and then traced over the frames of the footage to achieve the effect. 3000 frames were traced and it took roughly 16 weeks. Rotoscoping 101.

Uses of Animation…. besides films. Notable stuff.

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