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MEOW! Haha naw but for serious. Friday we learnt the various elements included in a shot to make good film.

Mise en Scene:- “What is included in a shot.”

The selection and arrangement of elements in front of the camera, all of which are contained by the framing of a shot. Includes location, props, costume/make-up, acting/performance and lighting. – Abrams, Bell and Udris (2010) p.61.


Good film for reference of all of these things, Gone with the Wind… a little girly but hey, it’s all about breaking down barriers.

Chiascuro. A film device, use of lighting to establish main focal points.
Other films to take into account; The Godfather (one word that). American Beauty.

Refer to glossary and back up sheets in the binder down by your computer tower.

More from CATS.

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