Hand drawn

Loaded up some drawn images I’ve made over the months, they’ve been photoed rather than scanned in so quality is a bit poor.

cyber girl shot

The Cyber punk girl character concept. Here she is in action, the initial drawing I tried featuring this perspective went a bit weird but I’ve stuck it up on my wall so I didn’t take a picture of it. Nevermind, this one’s better anyway. I’m not happy with the mouth though.

easy table

A bit blurry this one, but perspective is alright. Although the shapes are a little out, the big box was bigger than that, but I drew it smaller by accident. Thankfully, everything else matched it in size so there is that.

heads and emotions

Cyber girl’s various expressions and angles.

rachel powering up

Drawn fellow animation student Rachel powering up before a big… sketch, I guess. I got her head and shoulders before she moved and then I took artistic license with the rest. Everyone was talking about DragonBall Z as well… I think that’s where the idea came from.

Lone knight

I drew this at work when I was bored one day, it takes most of it’s influence from Dark Souls and NWN. I wanted to make an enemy that can seen as intimidating but also sentient enough to be reasoned with.

Little knight

Character design of the Little Knight, an armoured small man that makes up for his small stature by being enthusiastic.

Female Z fighter

Another bored at work one, I was reading about a lot of dragon ball Z and then this happened. I was quite happy with the turn-out, I feel the proportions are good enough and so is the hand detail

Drawn Tala

Bored at work again, but this was a hand drawn design of Tala, that NWN character I made in flash.

Dark souls inspired

I showed this to my friends and they said one thing in response; “Dark Souls”. They’re correct of course. Although the helmet is a bit big and the bonfire is a bit lacking in detail I’m happy with the limb interaction. Maybe the lower leg is a bit off. Also he’s left his sword on the ground… but without any way of determining the proportions it looks like a diglet in a sombrero, as my girlfriend pointed out.

Cyberpunk girl relaxing

The Cyber Punk Girl… I character concept I’ve been toying with, this is her when she’s not hacking into corporate systems and government matrices. Instead she’s unloaded the handgun for maintenance, taken off a wrist computer to browse post-apocalyptic facebook or whatever, taken off her pants and boots, smoking a cigarette and eating a pot of… noodles… or beans…. or chow, or whatever. One side of her head is bald where she has all the plugs for data-jacking, this was done so I could practise head drawing without all the hair blocking the way.

Cleric and fatman

I began drawing one of the models on my desk… then I did that and drew a cleric and a fat mercenary instead. Their outfits are both influenced from Dragon’s Dogma.

Hand drawn

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