SketchUP Modelling

We learnt the basics of SketchUP. A 3D design program originally used by the creators of GoogleEarth and then released to the general public as Beta freeware.

I made several attempts in the lesson at various designs from benches to rocket ships and found myself rage-quitting every time.
I asked fellow student Phil how to move a certain parts of the shapes and he showed me a simple technique to do so. I had been attempting to alter shapes through scaling rather than movement of the individual lines that make them up… which was frustrating. Thankfully, now I know better, and this the convenience store was made!

It’s far from perfect as the shelves are empty, the doors are open and it’s unpopulated. Also, pretty much every store isn’t just on room, there is usually a warehouse full of surplus stock attached to them.
Not to mention it says “General Convience” on the store front… as opposed to Convenience. Nevermind, I’m sticking to the story that General Convience is actually a store chain owned by Henry G. Convience; a retired US army General that had not much else going on.

SketchUP Modelling

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