Idea’s for the Mini-brief.

Consider a new idea for an animation. Can be based on an existing concept from other media; (TV Show, Film, Book, Opera) Can NOT take from an existing animation or computer game. Current ideas as follows… Symphony X albums.

Paradise Lost – Poem by John Milton.

The Odyssey – Story by Homer.

Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came – Poem by Robert Browning (Rewritten by Steven King as the Dark Tower series.)

The story of Perseus and Medusa.

Idea based on Childe Roland;

In a different place, in a different time. A mysterious AI entity known as the Tower controls every aspect of life within a sealed habitat. The Mortal Race is reasonably content having no control and no responsibility. The Tower assigns them meaningless tasks working in factories or assembly lines. Something no one ever questions as to why the Tower doesn’t fabricate an automated assembly line to do this. (Busy hands are happy hands). The Tower soon exhibits erratic behaviour, benign at first, such as; Playing odd music in the factories. Telling strange stories. Flickering Lights and changing there colour. The populace ignore this as a glitch in the system. Soon however, the behaviour becomes far more dangerous as the Tower gasses the citizens with various gasses in different order, sometimes with harmless smoke, sometimes with concentrated oxygen, killing the inhabitants. No one knows why the Tower is behaving this way or how it even came into existence. It’s not long before a group of survivors rise up and attempt to find the answers within and outside the habitat.

Scrapping that, Dark tower is WAAAAAAY done. I don’t think main man stephen king would approve.

Perseus and the Medusa… alrighty then… let’s get the characters down for easy reference.

Acrisius: The King (of what!?), father to Danae. Had her locked away in a bronze tower when the Oracle of Apollo told him Danae’s son would one day kill him.

Danae: Sad and alone, Zeus came to her and offered to make the place a paradise if she would become his wife. She agreed and her son Perseus was born. Acrisius caught wind of this and had them both locked into a large chest and cast to sea.

Polydectes: King of the island of Seriphos. His brother Dictys, recovered Perseus and Danae from the sea, catching them in his net and bringing them to safety. The king wishes to marry Danae, but she rejects him, he would have her by force, but Perseus was a strong young man by this point and able to defend her. Polydectes devised a plan to be rid of Perseus, he fake married a daughter of a friend and demanded everyone (including Perseus) bring him a present. Obviously, being a humble fisherman, Perseus was only able to afford the clothes on his back and the food in his belly. The two exchange barbs; with Polydectes accusing Perseus of being lazy and good for nothing, he responds by exclaiming he can get him anything in the world, anything. The King demands the head of the Gorgon Medusa.

Dictys: A fisherman that rescued Perseus and Danae, we can assume that once Perseus was old enough, he went to work with him, learning the trade and becoming strong. Possibly a father figure… perhaps an uncle?

Hermes: Son of Zeus and Maia. He is a messenger and the fastest of the gods. He wears winged sandals, a winged hate and carries a magic wand. The god of thieves and commerce. Appears with Athena to assist Perseus on his search for the Gorgons. Gives him his winged sandals and the sickle of Cronos.

Athena: Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. The Daughter of Zeus. She sprang fully grown, armour and everything from Zeus’ forehead and so has no mother. Zeus’ favourite child and allowed to freely use his weapons. Tree is the olive. Owl is her bird. Gave Perseus the mirror shield as well as advice on how to find the Graeae and to seek out the Nymphs of the north.

Graeae: Strange women that dwell within a cave, three in total with only one eye to share between them with which they constantly argued. Perseus took of advantage of this by stealing the eye and threatening the information for the location of the Nymphs of the North. He was true to his word however, as when they told him, he returned the eye without further altercation.

Nymphs of the North: Gave Perseus the Cap of Darkness which would make him invisible and a magic wallet with which to contain the medusa’s head. The gave him the location of the Gorgon Medusa’s lair. An island surrounded by rocks and statues which were once men.

Medusa: Was slain as she slept, Perseus was able to approach quietly with the Cap of Darkness. He severed her head and kept it in the wallet, but had to flee quickly before her sisters killed him.

Atlas: Son of Iapetus. Unlike his brothers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, Atlas fought with the other Titans supporting Cronos against Zeus. HE lead the other titans and when defeated, Zeus punished him by having him old the world on his back. Perseus turned him to stone with the medusa’s head out of mercy, effectively killing him, without destroying the world.

Andromeda: A beautiful woman chained to a stone and waiting to be consumed by a sea monster. This punishment was brought on because her mother boasted Andromeda was more beautiful than the Nereids (Nymphs of the Sea), to which Posedion was angered and demanded or sacrifice to a sea monster. Perseus saves her by turning the sea monster to stone with the Medusa’s head. He freed her and returned her to her father, King Cepheus of Phoenicia. Andromeda and Perseus soon married and she joined him on his journey to Seriphos.

King Cepheus of Phoenica: Was grateful for her daughters return and gladly allowed Perseus to marry her.

Perseus stopped at Larisa on his way home to compete in some athletic games. He accidentally threw a discus into the crowd and killed an old man that happened to be Acrisius. After mourning, Perseus and Andromeda continued on their way.

Finally returning, Dictys informed them that the king’s wedding was a ruse, and although Danae still refused Polydectes hand in marriage, she was forced to become his hand maiden. An angry Perseus left Andromedia with Dictys and stormed the palace alone. He bellowed; “Let all who are my friends shield their eyes!”. He raised Medusa’s head and turned Polydectes and his courtiers to stone.

Perseus and friends lived happily ever after

(Perseus was later killed by Dionysus… the dick, though I can’t find out why. Oh apparently, Perseus killed Dionysus son…)

Idea’s for the Mini-brief.

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