A few bits from the Gobelins

Pyrats, made by the students of the French animation school Gobelins in 2006. There are a few of the same video on Youtube and I’m not too sure which one deserves the actual credit of the people whom made it. At least, I’ve Talantis Film Distribution to thank for… I’m not sure, distributing? Hosting? Something…

Un pirate est en train de se faire pendre quand une attaque de la ville survient…

Réalisation : Yves Bigerel, Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux, Julien Le Rolland
Production : Gobelins

And we have the making of. It really is humbling to see the hours of dedication and hard work required for minute and a half clip, as well as the different design process including hand-drawn, 3d rendering, concept design and… Sculpting?? Was sculpting necessary? I’ll have to ask someone about that.

Finally we have the crash test dummy. I couldn’t embed this one so fair enough. This one seemed to demonstrate use of seemingly 3d AND hand drawn animation combined. It’s a classic of example of how animation can be used to achieve the impossible. For those that haven’t watched it. It follows the story of a crash test dummy that fulfills it’s dream of becoming a world famous magician. He’s able to perform tricks not humanly possible because it’s an animated feature… also, he’s a sentient crash test dummy!

A few bits from the Gobelins

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