Advertisement finds.

So, I spent some of last week taking pictures of the various advertising designs I came across in my jaunts around town (Click on the images for a larger picture).

S20131112_123009o this one just gives me a general picture of what you might see, although the newlook  logo is quite prominent. In my search I found that a lot of high street designs keep it VERY simple. Nothing too flashy, nothing too spectacular. Just a name with a bit of garnish thrown in. For instance, the emphasis is on the “New” in new look.

S20131112_122936ame again with KAPOW!, the O has been replaced with a bomb, I felt it was one of the more creative designs compared to the rest. It’s not made clear what they sell until you read the bigger board, “Gifts with impact.” Which is a nice touch, the initial side board draws your attention to the rest of the shop where you can find out what it sells.

A20131112_123737nother long shot, can’t really see much here, although the cream shop is available for sale as a retail outlet, the entire window picture looks like the interior of a shop. I thought that was clever advertising. Especially if the shop looks well to do. It suggests what could be there as well, but in this photo we can only clearly make out “Delicatessen?”.

T20131112_123742he Holland & Barret sign is kept quite simple. Although I should, I don’t actually know what they sell, it may be made clearer by the text underneath but I can’t see it from here. Still, they’ve been around long enough, that most people recognise them as a franchise.

N20131112_123808ew look from a different angle, we can just about make out HMV in the distance, but that design is quite simple also. H.M.V. all in bold pink, still not sure what HMV stands for… His Masters Voice?

T20131112_124011he side of the William Wilberforce, a whetherspoons pub. The design is old, so it probably wasn’t always a whetherspoons. Good food though. Because of the shape and size of the building (as well as it being on a corner), it has it’s name on both sides for easy visibility.

An20131112_124032other shot next to the Wilberforce and further down the street, we can make out the antiquated sign for the Trinity Market. It even specifies the date of establishment. (1904) At least, I assume what that date means.

T20131112_124131he national lotto sign and a barbershop coil. Two nationally recognised symbols. The the smiling fingers-crossed sign identifies that you can purchase lottery scratch cards at this establishment. The barbers coil dates back to when barbershops could also perform surgery, at least, that was what my [colleague] informed me at the time.

A20131112_124137 shot from another side of the Wilberforce, showing off the White Hart pub, Garbos and others. Apart from the picture of the white deer, again the designs are quite simple.

A20131112_124230n interior shot of the Trinity Market arcade, the Coffee Pot cafe is on the right, but you can’t really see it. Not really much visible for advertising, I just thought it was a nice shot for the interior.

T20131112_124327he butchers and bakers of Trinity Market.

W20131112_124334illiamsons! I only just noticed it says “…put my meat in your mouth!”

That’s grim man, keep it family friendly, yeah?

T20131112_125224he floral designs of the flower boutique.

A20131112_125244 florist for all occassions, again, with the shop title, then a small phrase to identify what the shop is for, the writing isn’t dressed up apart from the fancy joining, just some flower heads thrown in.

I 20131113_084951walk by these on my way to college every day, Monster supplements, a protein supply store, and Carmichaels… I clothes store I think? Again, simple designs, but without the little phrase that specifies what they do.

B20131112_163156ig bill boards on the side of buildings… They’re packed with a little too much information to be quickly readable by driving by people. Maybe if someone walking took the time to stop and look but who’d really do that? I’ve got the pictures right here, and I’m still not sure what they’re advertising.

Tidbit to take away? Keep your ads simple, and to the point, especially if they are on your store window, simple sells. At least, it draws the eye.

Advertisement finds.

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