For a fellow student.

Making use of the principles, I created an animated Logo for [PHASE Gaming]. I’d had this idea in my head since I read up about his logo design. I thought; “That’d be great for an animated intro, the kind of thing you see as you load up a game.”

DRAGAN!And there we have it. It’s just a quick mock up thrown together, but you get the general idea of what I was going for. The lighting effect is a bit iffy and it’s also the wrong colour, but it makes for a good example. I don’t think the background has rendered but it’s just a midnight sky, so you’re not missing much.

This is a good example of the type of animation, I knew what I wanted and did the dragon’s flight pose to pose, with the wings in the uppermost position and then the wings in the lowest position with 20 frames inbetween. It happened that 20 frames was way too much even for 18 frame a second animation, it made is wing flaps appear lazy slow and unrealistic, so I think it was 8 in total, and then 10 or 12 for the rising wing.

Also, for future reference…. the type face is just god awful., for future reference. Don’t stretch type face bigger than it should be.

For a fellow student.

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