Hand drawn, number 2.

Designs I’ve been working on, here we have the cyber punk girl just grabbing some food with the rest of her team. The lizardman laments about how hard it is to find armour that fits. The sniper disagrees. I ended up making the characters look far more sad and contemplative then they should’ve been.
Saw this woman’s dress in Rear Window and thought… “That’s nice…. let’s do that.” And that is pretty much the extent of my thought process on his character. Her neck is too long and her face is kind of weird.
A mecha knight laments over the frailty of life on the battlefield as he spends his last moments watching a bird that landed on his hand. Perhaps I should’ve drawn a corpse strewn battlefield in the background to reinforce this point… oopsie.
Idea taken from saints row the third, made a character look really freaky by changing the eyes and adding this black ink stain face detail. Looked pretty good I thought.

Maybe I should explore that within myself.

Designs for the Cyberpunk girl, front and back, I’ve begun to notice recently just HOW BIG I draw heads, so I’m trying to readjust my style and do it properly. Should work out in the end but it’ll be hard I have no doubt.20131118_015101

Cyber punk girl from the front, tinkering on her wrist comp while she’s jacked in somewhere. A background would’ve really helped identify where she is and what she’s doing.

Hand drawn, number 2.

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