The protagonist room in sketchup

I earlier tried mocking up the room of the Perseus and Medusa protagonist. The thumb nails came across very basic and I was unable to accurately portray the dimensions and perspective. So to help me, I built the room in Sketchup, using most of the objects from the 3D warehouse, I then took various stills with the camera in different positions to give myself I better idea of just how it would be seen.

pro room 1 pro room 8 pro room 7 pro room 6 pro room 5 pro room 4 pro room 3 pro room 2

But such is now considered obsolete development work. As the mini-brief is now set in a 1890’s Wild West frontier world, I have to rethink a lot of my environments. This is the interior of the Perseus’ cabin onboard a maintenance ship. Now, I can still use parts of this room, such as the tools and some furniture, but the glass door would probably not be so. I could become some sort of engineers work shop or work shed.

The protagonist room in sketchup

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