Must keep track of the stuff we still need to for sound.

I believe the advert is near enough complete, however, I should put some words down. Something to contribute to the research file perhaps.

Keywords to use;

Field Recordings; Whether something has been recorded out in the open rather than in controlled environment, such as  studio.

Narrator; Is the narrator present? Is their role made clear, or is it just two people talking in a way that makes them seem like they are unaware of being recorded.

Interview; Usually obvious by the responsiveness of the person speaking, does it sound like they are answering questions. Sometimes, the questions they’re asked aren’t always put into the recording to give it a more organic flow.

Expertise… Not sure on this one.

Monologue: Is it just one speaker?

Voice: The accents used? Primarily BBC English, with undefined accents. I forget the reasoning behind this. Probably for ease of communication.

Questions: Not always heard but almost always answered.

Filters and Effects: A big hall reverb effect can give the impression that a sound is taking place inside a large hall, rather than the controlled studio that it most likely is being recorded in.

Narrative:… I’m not sure.

Interpretation:… need to research this one also.

Interviewee… the people being spoken to?


So to sum up. Do some bloody research. Also, look up what a Sound Treatment is.


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