The finalised mini-brief.

So, I’ve thought about it a lot, and I’m definitely going for the story of Perseus and Medusa, only it’s not in space. Too many things are set in space or set in the future. So this one is going to be set in the Wild West. Perseus and Medusa, in the wild west, so the date is roughly 1890.

With this kind of style I can borrow the cinematography aspects from a lot of Sergio Leone films (The Good, the Bad and Ugly, a Fistful of Dollars). Once Upon a Time in the West, is notorious for it’s epic opening and specific placement of the actors. I’ll have to research weapons, architecture, history, behaviours and customs to those times. But, this is what I’ve thought about;

King Accrisius, he’ll be a corrupt and greedy mayor/governor of a small town named Mayor Wyatt Adamson, he’ll be trying to secure his ties to a powerful property magnate by offering his daughter Danae’s (Debbie Adamson)  hand in marriage to the son of property boss man. Debbie is young and doesn’t much care to be married off, she has an affair with the legendary gunslinging outlaw Zeus (Zachariah). The night before the marriage she is discovered to be pregnant, which the Mayor and the Property Boss hear about causing a massive breakdown in negotiations. The Mayor disowns her and banishes her to a far off mining town to live out the rest of her days where she works as a scullery maid or tavern wench or something, a far cry from the lady of leisure she’s used to being.

She get’s by, spurning the advances of a local gang and Zachariah P. Junior is born. As soon as he is old enough he get’s put to work in mines and becomes a strong young man, Debbie tells him of his real father, his exploits and his almost magical skill with the gun. Zach junior aspires to become just like his dear old daddy. He ends up spilling a drink on one of the local gang members, and is challenged to a duel, to which he is the winner when he shoots the gun out of the ganger’s hand.

Something along those lines anywho, there’s more to it, but I’ll have to come back to that one.

The finalised mini-brief.

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