Photoshop with a drawing pad

Okay, so today in class, I took advantage of the three WACOM drawing pads they have stacked away and tried to create an image in photoshop pretty much the same way I would draw it on paper…

stylus testSooooo… yeaaaahhh… it’s not bad for a first go, but it DEFINITELY isn’t like drawing on paper, no matter how close you might come to the experience. It’s more organic than drawing with a mouse, that much is certain, but I part of me misses the precise edges you can get with a line tool. I won’t be getting anything realistic done any time soon, but I feel it definitely gives off a specific art style. I may have to reinvent how I draw on the pad, as I did guidelines and what not, but the image came off quite hairy still. I like to think it adds to the character.

Photoshop with a drawing pad

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