Sound research

As I understand, for our 5 minute factual piece, our group will be exploring the controversy surrounding Grand Theft Auto, and it’s issues surrounding the relatively easy murder of pedestrians and it’s misogynistic treatment of women. So, let’s go google searching and see what we can find.

Turns out, there’s an entire Wikia entry on it. But that’s only on the previous GTA games, I’ve not played number V but I do believe I’ve find some good information on a certain torture scene and the fact that you HAVE to do it to progress in the game. In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, there was a scene where you (as an undercover CIA agent as a Russian criminal) have to gun down a lot of civilians alongside a group of heavily armed Russian criminals. Now, given the controversy, Activision gave you the option of skipping the level entirely with no detriment to the story or achievements, even if you chose to do it, you didn’t HAVE to gun down the civilians, you could fire into the air, you could not fire at all and no one would notice, the scene still plays out the same way (you get discovered, shot and left for dead).

It appears the guys have Rockstar have sternly refused you a friendly out and chosen not to give in to the demands of Lawyers. They probably have a pretty solid team of Lawyers themselves.

Sound research

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