The differences between sequential and single image art.

Alright, so it’s pretty obvious. Sequential art is usually seen in the form of multi-panel cartoons and comics. It could be something as simple as Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes in the editorial, to full blown graphic novels like Sin City. Single image has been popular since the invention of the printing press, with your local news would occasionally accompany politically outspoken image depicting the social elite shitting on the working class, or the royal family playing bowls with the earth as one of the balls. Winsor Mccay, one of the first animators was also a newspaper editorial artist known for his controversial  art.

The point is, whether it’s single frame or sequence, a story is usually told within the picture. Norman Rockwell, every time you think of 1950’s, white picket fence, apple pie America, you’re probably seeing something he’s drawn. The image accompanied is no different, it tells a story. I asked my girlfriend what she thought that story was, and she gave the exact same answer we gave in lesson; “The boy has run away from home and police officer is probably comforting him.” (Son, you’ll find if you run from your problems you’ll only be exhausted when they catch up to you… *buys the kid an ice cream and takes him home*) You get the idea.  Obviously, sequential art has a more obvious story accompanied by speech bubbles and narrative and what not, but that’s not to say it’s better than single image, it’s just different. I’d like to think single image requires deeper thought and greater use of semiotics (the code we use in everyday life to decipher things, a red rose signifies love, a clenched fist could signify victory, perseverance or determination).

With that knowledge, and a little more research, onto our mini-brief;

Choose two of the subjects from the following lists (one from list A and one from list B).

List A; An autobiographical event, a biographic study, a political opinion, social commentary, current event or a famous quote.

List B; A myth, a song, a poem, a well recognised saying.


Inital thoughts? Eyes of the panther, General Patton’s quote; “May god have mercy on my enemies, because I sure won’t.”

Trying to sum JFK’s life in just a few panels? Or just a single one? Could be, he was a controversial man, he saved the world from the cuban missile crisis, was refered to as a cowboy and suggested various ideas that rich people might not have liked… hmm.


The differences between sequential and single image art.

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