Props for our adaptation mini-brief.

In a 1890’s Western Frontier mining town, there are many things I must consider; For starters, the type of buildings we might find…

Blacksmith, general store, carpenters, post office, telegraph station, train station, salon, open market, tents, tool store, tobacconist, the mines themselves built into a mountain, tool sheds and equipment stores, sheriff’s office.

Then I need to consider the kind of things we might find WITHIN those places;

Blacksmith: Anvils, horseshoes, hammers, tongs, water barrels, notes, receipt papers, a living space, a sleeping cot, old wood beams, scrap metal, unshaped metal tubes, smeltery, tubes, bellows, hanging pieces of metal, furnace, oven, aprons, boots, bottles, pedal powered grindstones.

General store: May in itself serve as a tobacconist, so tobacco, smoking pariffinalia, pipes, cigarette papers, news papers, bottles, combs, personal grooming items, hats, shoe polish, cleaning supply, lantern oil, lantern wicks, lanterns, longer lasting food stuffs, jerky, potatoes, tinned goods, jars of preserves.

Carpenters/Wood workers: Wood beams and bits of wood scattered about of varying planks, untreated wood, treated wood, varnished wood, saws, axes, wood cutters axes, bottles of varnish, stacks, incomplete furniture skeletons, sawdust, bandages, pedal powered saws?

Post office: Collections boxes, unopened parcels, small knifes, iron bars, old cash register, stamps, ink stamps, telegraph machine, horse and wagon outside.

Train Station: benches, overhanging roof, telegrapher? tickets, clock, drinking trough, water barrels, water tower, weathervane, steam train, forgotten luggage, loose railroad spikes.

Salon: Broken bottles, bar counter, cleaning rags, small circular tables, small chairs or stools (maybe a motley collection of both?), shelf behind the bar counter stacked with bottles of alcohol, barrels or kegs of beer, paintings or portraits of previous owners or their families, barrel/kegs of beer stacked on their side with a tap in them, maybe a kitchen in the back, honkey tonk piano, bat wing doors, mugs, glasses, cutlery, plates, old cooker/stove.

Open Market: If business is booming within this town then it’s possible immigrants may set up tents rather than living within the town itself, they may all be trying to sell nik naks and worthless junk to passers by. Canvas tents, fancy shaped oil lamps, animal carcasses, cooked meat on a stick, old weapons scavenged from a battlefield (but given a mythical origin story). However, Lady Debbie Adamson (Danae) would’ve been exiled to a lowly mining town rather than one with a booming economy, so this place would be thick with crime and unsavoury types, so I’m not too sure whether or not immigrants would be flooding to this less than reputable place.

Mines:  (Useful facts), so the citizens would be freelancers trying to sell to an individual prospector, they would have to buy their own equipment then, pickaxes, shovels, light hammers, (it’s all hard rock mining in tunnel shafts) The lights within may well be steam powered, or they may just be oil lanterns, it’s doubtful a lowly mine would be able to afford steam power, let alone it’s own sheriff. (The mine itself could’ve been rumored to contain a motherlode, causing an initial flood of hands, but as years go by and no lode discovered, people have given up and searched for better places, causing the towns massive decline in economy). Tool sheds, storage sheds, loose rock, axe racks, helmets, hand lanterns, carts, wheel barrows filled with rock mostly, but occasionally a chunk of gold or silver.

Also need to consider the clothing people might be wearing; leather dusters, jeans, chaps, boots, spurs, shirts, vests, frocks, simple dresses, wash baskets.

As well as weaponry; brass knuckle dusters, broken bottles, flick knifes, calvary sabers, revolvers, lever-action firearms (volcano pistol, winchester rifle, 1887 shotgun), single/double barrelled scatter guns.

A particularly important prop given to the protagonist (Zachariah P Junior (Perseus)) would be a decorative hand mirror his mother gave him. It’s the only reminder of the luxurious lifestyle she used to have before becoming  scullery maid/commoner/tavern wench. Ultimately, it would be Zach’s saving grace, as he would use it to look at Medusa without directly looking at her.

Props for our adaptation mini-brief.

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