Character design et al.

So, with Perseus and Medusa taking place in a wild west environment, I need to research the time period. Though I can give it a degree of the fanatical, I still need to adhere to the over-arching time period. My memory is guided back to the dark tower book series, we are initially led to believe it’s a spaghetti western, however, as more details of the book are revealed we find it’s an entirely different world with advance but failing technology.

Found this, an interesting character design, the woman gives us more of the appearance of an indian or cherokee gun fighter because of the tassles and the design.

More real life pieces (1) (2), these look more like cosplayers than actual period people.

Reasonable background designs; (1) (2)

Things to think about and consider… The gang leader and his compatriots, lesser educated individuals, but older and more experienced, cunning bullies and coercive individuals. The leader will be a rotten toothed, tobacco chewing, ratty individual. Attributes to consider would be cocky, cunning and ruthless.  Second in command is probably the big lout, no criminal gang would be complete without one. I’ll probably make him air headed and easily influenced, maybe not dumb, just lacking in any will of his own. Perhaps he might turn on the leader at some point due to mistreatment.
Then another generic bad guy to complete the trio. Something I need to think about, perhaps a corrupt lawman of some sort.

Perseus, the protagonist himself, he’s young and naive. His skill with the gun is almost fantastical, but he’s not experienced and outright refuses to kill the gang members, opting instead to disarm them with gun shots or embarrass them with shooting their hats off. He carries his fathers gun and his mothers mirror. Don’t know whether to give him a desert duster or not. Hmm.

Danae, Perseus’ mother. Was once a lady of leisure turned working woman when she was exiled, thought she won’t be looking nearly as spotless in her working state, she won’t be looking like skag den dweller either. I need to find the right balance between noble dress, and commoner dress, the ornate mirror was kept as a reminder of her past but she gave that to Perseus when he went to hunt the medusa that terrorised the mining town. She could have various other knickknacks, perhaps she still wears her noble woman’s dress, but it’s so haggard and faded it simply looks like a commoners dress instead.

The medusa herself, shrouded in mystery, we might only ever see her silhouette. Their aren’t that many designs that I’ve noticed, but perhaps she could have her appearance crossed with a cherokee woman. Maybe she dwells within the mining town as a bandana wearing commoner. The legend states that medusa’s appearance is so horrid that it turns people to stone. Perhaps she could dwell within the mines and the miners happen by her lair accidentally. That might rid Perseus of the epic journey he has to undertake before he is ready to take her on. However, these are story devices and plot elements which aren’t the main focus.

As an underground dwelling creature, Medusa may not have any eyes, or at least, underdeveloped ocular nerves. Her skin would be pale and whatever ever other features are prevalent within underground dwelling creatures. All though due to the setting, her snake hair would be rattle snakes.

Character design et al.

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