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Violent video games DO make people more aggressive

Scientists at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis took a group of 22 men aged 18-29 and performed MRI scans on them. They then divided the group in half and while one group was asked to play violent  games for at least 10 hours a week while the second group played none.

            According to the Sunday Times, the researchers found that the effects on the brain were discovered in the left inferior frontal lobe and the anterior cingulate cortex. An abstract of the report which will be published at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America later this week said subjects experienced alterations to their brain. The report said: “Subjects showed relatively less activation in prefrontal regions associated with executive function one week of violent video game playing.



Responsibility does lie with the parents, but it also lies with the retailers not to sell to underage people.


Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, a civilian contractor, fatally shot 12 people and injured 3 others on September 16 2013. Was a massive fan of video games and was often late to work because of his addiction. (While he initially attempted to purchase a handgun at an gun store, but was told federal law does not allow dealers to sell concealable weapons to out of state customers… so he bought a shotgun instead with two boxes of shells. He also has a string of felonies and misconduct including discharging a weapon within city limits and shooting out the tires of another mans vehicle. He lied on his application to the navy stating he had never been arrested by the police. He was also suffering from paranoid delusion, claiming to hear voices in his head and that he was being controlled.) It is unclear whether his addiction to violent video games played a role in his shooting.

Critics argue that these games desensitize others to violence.

The origins of which start with 1976 game Death Race (Pedestrian) where the player had to run down gremlins and leave behind tombstone, the controversy being that the gremlins looked human. Protesters dragged the arcade machines out into the streets and burnt them, causing the sale to cease.

Sound notes

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