Work for my neighbour.

My neighbour caught wind that I go to art school and asked me if I could do a flyer for an event he’s DJ-ing at The Blue Lamp in Hull.
I thought… Sure! Why not, I’ll give it a good go. So I went to his and gleamed as much information as I could about the event from him and his buddy he was also DJ-ing that night. I made a habit of noting down all the important things that should’ve been noted.
Entry Fee
Band/music names
…maybe some genre’s listed about.
You see those music flyers dotted about in take aways, they’re pretty over stimulating. The genres being played consist of Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Funk and Groove. So I’d have to create the flyer with these things in mind.

The initial design is quite plain…a little too plain, the background is the interior of the Blue Lamp with a 50% opacity layer over the top.

Flyer draft 1





I went for something a bit more colourful, the union jack only with colours of the reggae flag. I hope that’s not treason or anything. It’s still just… a bit, phleh though.
draft 2

…so I added a slightly darker but faded circle to give the impression of a vinyl disk. I took these designs back to the guys with the suggestion that I would change anything they didn’t like. For instance, the text is very plain, I simply used the IMPACT font, to keep it simple and for ease of reading. They both found the 3rd draft acceptable. So that’s good.

draft 3

They then asked me how much I would charge…. I uh… didn’t really know what to say to that; So I just told them the first one is on the house. Just think of me if you need more stuff done, or recommend me to friends and family.

They caught up with me a few days later and asked me where I got the design for the flag from, because they googled it and couldn’t find it… Imagine there surprise when I told them I made it myself using simple colours and shapes.

Work for my neighbour.

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