The ongoing animation. Part 2

I’ve yet to think of a name, but the anim itself could be used as some sort of title sequence for upcoming productions of that same type I might make? Yeah? Neh? I don’t know. Let’s have a look at the creation process.

So, in one of the scenes, our heroine is being chased down a hallway. I’ve decided to view this, as if being shot from a worms-eye tracking camera at a 3/4 view to what she is facing. I didn’t want to jump straight into creating the character model for this scene, so instead I did some basic red guide lines to illustrate character movement and just how it would look. I started with two running forms, that are the opposites of each other in the run cycle, (left leg, right leg etc). When I run the animation at full speed, I can use this to gauge what kind of running speed I wanted her at.

rundraft basic

With this in mind, I decided on 7 frames between each leg movement, now I had to do some basic tweening to smooth out the action.


rundraft advanced

So I had put in the frames between the frames, I all I had to do now, was add the frames between those frames, I time consuming but ultimately, rewarding process. rundraftcomplete

…and voila, I now know what I want it to run like. Now I just need to put in the character model and background for the entirety of this scene. Four hours work for a few seconds of animation. What did I just sign myself up for?

The ongoing animation. Part 2

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