The 5th, 6th and 7th Principles

space hopper girl sketch (Initial design sketches)

(Testing string movement and seeing if it can be applied to hair movement.)

5th – Follow through and Overlapping Action, two separate sets of movement on the same thing, such as long coat on a running man.

6th – Slow In and Slow Out, the acceleration and deceleration of motion in actions.

7th –  Arcs/Parabolas of Motion, thrown objects don’t move in a perfect semi-circle trajectory. They usually have the sharpest turn at the peak of the throw.

I must show an example of these principles with a character and method of movement picked at random;

“A little girl with a medium length pony tail, riding a space hopper.”

The main focus here is animation, not the rendering so it doesn’t have to be perfectly drawn. My first try of the space hopper, I used key framing to get it down. Then I added in the tweens…

Space hopper1

The movement is a bit slow, but this is why we key frame so I can see this sort of thing…

Space hopper2The second attempt is a bit smoother, but the bounce/squash/stretch needs to be exaggerated more.

Space hopper3The jump is more exaggerated, however, Gareth pointed out that the mass is changing with the squash and stretch. I forgot to consider, when something stretches, it would elongate rather than stay the same width, as well as with squashing, as it flattens it would get wider.

Though I corrected this, I saved straight over it when I went to draft the pony tail.

Space hopper4

Far from finished, but I believe the movement is down.

The 5th, 6th and 7th Principles

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