Bus Stop – Mini brief, research

Updated to the max.

Morning Star Animation

Look at Craig Mullins stuff

Bus stop. It doesn’t have to be a bus stop, just a place people meet for public transport, lets brainstorm… sorry, mind map… oh no, thought shower. That’s it, let’s thought shower.

Actual Bus stops… kinda boring but got to start somewhere. Train Stations. Airports. Docks. Harbours… Overground docking platforms built high above the choking smog of the under city. Think Phantine in the 40K universe. Stilt striders from Morrowind, massive bugs that have had their shells hollowed out for passenger and cargo transport. Under water glass air locks with submarine vehicles attached awaiting passengers to take to the surface. Back to clouds of smog idea, some kind of Hovercraft could float along with clouds because they are that thick. Open topped? Close Topped? Even bugs, maybe waiting to attach themselves to the underbelly of a much larger bug that regularly passes through.

Stay tuned…

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Bus Stop – Mini brief, research

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