The food vendor minibrief.

I’ll be coming back to Bus Stop, I was not happy with the final draft, so I’ll approach it from a different angle.

So, moving on for the time being… Food Vendor. A place, where characters come to eat, and when people eat they talk, great for character development. I need to consider what kind place it is. At first, I thought maybe repurposed train cars that have been removed from tracks and hollowed out into kitchens. I drew out a vendor 1The scale of it is a little too big, it needs to be the kind of place, where people could buy food, but couldn’t really hang about or sit anywhere to eat it. So it needs to be more mobile. So I threw out another sketch. I really like the idea of having food vendors in weird places like, half way up mountain trails, or in the middle of a bridge. I’ve really been inspired by the environments from Resonance of Fate.

food vendor 2Again, it’s still not -really- portable enough. So I looked at Tuk Tuks for a bit. (I would’ve maybe gone out to find some, but such vehicles don’t really exist in this country. The closest being a robin reliant or a motorbike with a side car). So, more sketches…

food vendor 3I really liked the idea of combining two of these. A tiny moped, that impossibly transforms into a mobile kitchen. A domestic autobot that was long forgotten in the cybertron wars because it has no weapons…. and robots don’t eat. I digress. The idea of all these kitchen parts and corregated roofing folding out and in an animated fashion really stuck with me. I got to creating a basic animation.

FOOD VENDORAlright, the design is placed, but I need to retweak the speed. I’d like the seat to come flying open, almost snapping off, and then the machinery deploying at a dangerously faster rate, almost over-extending and smashing everything in it’s way. I’d also like to incorporate a character, Larry in this case, to be sat on the moped, only to be launched off by the seat, land on his feet by the pot and immediately/casually begin stirring the ladle. No even batting an eye.

“Oh that? That’s just Larry. Want some soup?”

The food vendor minibrief.

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