The Food Vendor, final concept

I’ve slightly sped up the initial deployment phase of the scooter/kitchen.

FOOD VENDOR fasterIt doesn’t really look that different compared to the last one, but I’m ready to add my chef. The illusive Larry whom serves passers by from his scooter kitchen.Food Vendor with larryIsn’t he just the happiest thing you ever did see. He’s meant to be a dull green but the GIF file won’t render that many colours, so he doesn’t look so much like a gerkin/cucumber, as he does a sad, dried out poo. Never worry, I’m pleased with the ultimate outcome of this project. Id nearly completed Larry’s addition without incident, when Flash Crashed, and corrupted my file, so I had to import an SWF of the Larry file, which is A LOT harder to work with, I was gonna add some little things, like the sign fluttering and more blinking, but the SWF file made it a lot harder to do all these things. I may still be able to add sound yet, if I get it in Premiere or After effects.

The Food Vendor, final concept

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