Video Project

I’m leaning towards making a music video towards one of my bands songs. Thing’s I’ll need may well include a camera man, so I might have to snag one of the students for something like that. As far as video recording equipment, I believe our guitarist (Loz) has the finest SLR in all the land so that’ll work for me. I’ll need to get a beasty portable hard drive to carry around that amount of raw video data. First things first, let’s look at the styles of video I’ll be wanting.

I noticed when I was looking at “Pour Some Sugar on me”, a lot of the same stage footage is used. Hmmm. Well, I can’t really gear towards a massive stage video because, where the hells would I get all them people from. I already knew this, but I’m glad to see it’s confirmed in Animal, the instruments don’t have to be plugged in for the sake of recording a video, your mind fills in the gaps.
PLain white background, average video, terrible song. Lot’s of guys jostling about and dicking around. Would need to get a female actress for that sort of thing. Singer (Jason) probably knows… someone.
Might need a few outfit changes as well. Joy.
Journey went a different lower budget route. Much easier to record, but a little boring, kind of at the other end of the spectrum to what I’m after.
Very colourful, maybe not QUITE that literal however. (With lyrics like “…turn it up, blow me away.” It might get very… graphic.) But the segments where it’s the band rather than the action, they appear to just be filming in a slightly darkened studio… right by the fire exit.
This seems doable, I’m not sure how many of those background lights are actually real, that might be an aftereffects jobby. We just need a big enough space, maybe some spliced in shots of us dicking around as well. Seems like the go to motif. A few amps, they don’t need to be plugged in, but it may help, especially if the drummer hit’s hard enough.

Video Project

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