CATS, semiotics in advertising.

One thing I’ve noticed with adverts, especially perfume ads and there like is usually just how intense they are. It seems they are meant for one type of sex and yet they gear towards another type of sex. Reasoning is probably more of ‘women want him, men want to be him’… and same for men wanting her etc etc. It’s like they’re saying this cologne will make you a manly man, or at least make you smell like a manly man. The meanings are meant to go deeper than that on a subconscious level, the environments within could mean a lot. Big, vast open plains could represent freedom. Have an open shirted man standing on top a sky scraper roof with his arms open wide while heavy rain slams away on his exposed, bronzed chest. Suddenly you’ve got a veritable plethora of semiotics. The city itself representing oppression, the open roof top showing the brief moments of freedom we snatch from the oppression of everyday life. The open shirt reinforces this and then the rain… I don’t know, wet skin probably just looks good. Either that or it’s loosely referring to how good this cologne fills (insert ejaculation reference).

I’m tired and will have to revisit this when I’ve had more sleep.

CATS, semiotics in advertising.

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