Environment Drawing

In response to a mini-brief I was set, I’ve began thumbnailing ideas for an environment set up. Mine was;

“The flight deck of a space pirate ship.”

“Untidy/slovenly kept”

“With a time travelers device/briefcase.”


Already, that’s not the easiest set up. I need things that make something messy. So boots, coats and tricorne hats can be scattered about, maybe food containers. Space pirates so maybe I big captains wheel at the helm rather than joy sticks. One of the thumbnails has a drink in a cup holder by the controls. There’s also weapons to take into account, maybe a treasure chest. The chest itself can incorporate elements for the time travelers device. The actual ship design would be handy to know also, that way I can get an idea for what the flight deck should look like.

Perpective drawing ThumbnailsI also did a quick warm up working on perspective drawing, however, already I’ve put the two perspective points too close together, they should be farther apart, practically right on the edge of the paper.

space pirate interior

For my exterior piece, I was required to create;

“A hangar”

“Current/in use”

“White elephant statue”

I sketched out some rough ideas, angles and viewpoints. Making the habit of researching pilot statues.

hangar2 Hangar1

Environment Drawing

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