Making a music video

One of the main snags I’ve encountered so far is trying to get a location for a music video. It turns out, anyone that owns a big warehouse or industrial patch of land would much rather see it rented out at £34,000 per annum than say… £50 for the weekend, which is all I REALLY need it for.  If you’ve seen the previous posts with all the music videos I’d like to base it on, then you’d guess I need a pretty run down kind of place, with some exposed bricks and broken windows. Failing that, I’d like to get some people handy for the upcoming gig we have on April 13th to record us while we play. The problem is though, the camera operator will have to be on stage as well, getting up in our faces and what not. Which not many of the students are willing to do. I’d happily do it myself, but being in the band, it wouldn’t be viable.

Another backup solution would be to find an open patch of land open to the public and get our cars (we have three) arranged in a triangle formation around the band set up, and use them for lighting. Obviously, it’s doubtful a powersupply would be available to run some big lights, so just some full beam and fog lights would have to do it. I’ll probably try a bit of all three if I can and ultimately edit the shots together.

Location 2 Location 3 Location 4These locations would be good, but again, trying to get access with the cars would be hard work. I’d have to make phone calls to see but it’s knowing the right numbers to call and if they’d even take me seriously.

Making a music video

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