Semiotics in Advertising pt 2.

Alright, so dismantling adverts bit by bit will help me ultimately recognise the semiotics used within them. This example is obviously poking fun at the way brands advertise women’s shampoo. By use of lots of slow-motion shots of long hair flowing, where it’s heavily implied that the owner of said hair uses a particular brand of shampoo and that is why their hair is so awesome.
We’re also meant to ignore the multiple industrial fans all blowing at the fellow at once, that’s just the natural wind speed of an indoor busy office environment.
If we look a little deeper, we can see how those two things contrast, the free flowing freedom of the hair, versus the stifling nature of the enclosed office space. These two things contrasting one another really add emphasis to the hair. We can look at what the long haired man is wearing also, or rather what he’s not wearing. Unlike his co-worker, he doesn’t have his suit jacket on, and he has a red tie. Red usually indicating love or passion. In this case, he’s a passion for his hair. Or something along those lines. Within the initial shots, we can see a trophy near the “Diego”‘s desk. Whether it’s his or not is irrelevant, the simple presence of such can imply victory or winning. Diego’s a winner, and if you use this hair product, you might be too.
Blue and red appear to be recurring colours, Diego’s shower has blue tiles (bricks even?) But a lot of the office workers are wearing red in some form or another, in other shorts we can see a pink and red balloons, some of the female co-workers he dashes past are wearing red shirts, and the super market shelves of where the men’s shampoo is has red banding. Could these contrasting colours again be used to place emphasis on a certain something? Perhaps that there is freedom and passion within this prison-like work place?

Semiotics in Advertising pt 2.

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