Nomenclature, Typography, Development

Using research from the previous blog posts, I am to develop a name for my specific subject. In this case, it’s animation. I won’t be going with Morning Star as that’s too easy. Time for something new. I think referencing this old Blog Post may be rather helpful.

A listed a lot of words using my old blog post and then used dice to determine which words to put together. I’m only going to list a choice few here; Flint Mango, Copper Orange, Sour Tail, Steel Tsunami, Crystal Flail.

As a general rule, I dislike the idea of having too many syllables so Steel Tsunami is out. Crystal Flail is a bit too… I’m not sure, weaponized? Crystal something. Looking Glass? Mirror Glass? Crystal Mirror? The list goes on. I’ll keep those handy. My handwriting looks a bit odd, so Flint Mango, looks like Flint Mingo. Might work, but that sounds more like the name of a dashing aviator protagonist. Also, Mingo has multiple definitions and not all of them are politically correct.

Sour Tail provokes some interesting imagery. Especially if I change the spelling. Sour Tale.

Flint Mingo Media.

Sour Tail Productions.

I was sketching up various doodles, and I saw maybe it could be Flint Min-GO. Then it can go back to being a mango, only it’s “Flint Man-GO!” That could well be the one.


I then need to look at different typefaces for my production company name. Reasoning will have to go beyond “I think this looks nice, I’ll use this one.”

As far as type facing goes. I do like the one used to Dark Chronicle. The whimsical fairy tale style really helps sell the Sour Tale look I’m gunning for. Other examples;

Ni No Kuni

White Knight Chronicle

Dark Cloud

Fairy Tale Font

Save for fairy tale font, the three games are all published by “Level5” games. Guess I’m following a theme here.


Then Sketch and Storyboarding an animatic for the ident, drawing in and showing where sound will go and clearly displaying the movement. Finally, we’ll be seeing the whole thing.Sour tale naming 1

(I created 36 pairs of words, and put them into groups of 6 of 6. I then rolled pairs of dice to to see what names I would get.)

sour tail 2

Nomenclature, Typography, Development

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