Pixel art

I’m hoping to be collaborating with a fellow games designer and creating a Streets of Rage style game. Something I’ve never been able to accomplish on my own, as I simply lack the programming know-how. But I can animate something like that reasonably straight forward. So I threw together a test image in paint, it was surprisingly easy, but a little bit time consuming to get the pixel style across. The good news is, you can increase it’s size in paint as long as the vertical and horizontal increase stay in line with each other, then the pixel art effect stays in place without breaking apart. The protagonists of this beat-em-up game will consist of;

Justice Fist – A mullet-hawk sporting, bare-knuckle boxing vigilante, that punches justice into evil-doers far and wide.

Lady Mace of Mercy – A tower shield/mace wielding woman trapped in the wrong time.

The Busking Bruiser – An overweight, flat cap wearing yorkshire man, that wields a three stringed oak guitar. He can’t play it, he just bludgeons people with it.

First up, a pixelised Lady Mace.

Pixely lady mace resizePixelly Justice fist Large


Pixel art

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