SourTale Productions

So, with my production company name down, and the Logo born from it. I needed to animate an Ident, which I story boarded but in case you need remind it, it’s here again;sour tail 2Before I even began, I knew the hardest part of it would be the initial tail movement, just for those few frames. I could loop it once I got it to smoothly repeat itself, but I had to animated it first. Basic design was drawn in flash and then I made a guide line animation.sourtale 1Quite poor, but I had an idea that involved masking and use of a much longer wavy line.

the ideasourtale2

With this method, I don’t have to redraw the line, I can just move it forward a few steps per frame. Once the layers are locked, the blue area is the only part where the wavy line would actually be visible.


Now you can see the effect I was trying to emulate. Although it’s a bit wavier than I anticipated, I’m pleased with this technique and will definately be using it in the future whenever possible. Now all I have to do is draw the actual tail over it and repeat with each frame. Altogether the tail whip came to 15 frames, and smoothly transitioned back to the start of the loop, allowing me to copy and past the frames on.sourtale4Now for the rest of the animation. I did have to turn the separate tail into a symbol so when I ‘zoomed out’ (really I just shrank the image) it would still animate and I wouldn’t have to move it myself and it would also stay in shape. The fox movement was quite easy, the head was cut out and moved and the neck was redrawn but that was the extent of the moving image. I had to do a bit of sneaky redrawing when the fox looked the other way, but it’s done quick enough that mistakes aren’t easily noticed. A did a similar masking technique with the SourTale title, frame by frame I would gradually fill in more of the text, and as the text on the mask is coloured in, it becomes visible once locked, making almost look like it was handwritten at the time. I experimented with sound, I tried adding phaser and pitch shift to a squeaky chair to make the fox noise, but that sounded too robotic so I used my own whistle, with some pitch adjustment and noise removal. Same again with the snuffling, that was just me smacking my lips and then amplifying the sound and removing the noise.


I didn’t check the sound quality properly before exporting, really it should’ve been amplified or run a bit a louder, it’s a shame really it could’ve done with louder and clearer sound.

SourTale Productions

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