Animation Mini brief, Clank, Weaver and Mort

Do so research on character development, marketing, and design. Creating characters for popular animation and designing popular characters.

I am to choose one of the following names and design a character to be used in a mainstream 3D stop motion animation that reflects that character’s given name;

1 – Clank

2 – Weaver

3 – Mort

Characters can be figurative, abstract or anywhere inbetween. Things to include would be sketches, final design, different designs and final presentation sheets. Possibly quick storyboards to show movement/interaction and/or concept development work. Infuences/artists/animations to be included in submission.




I went to Chris Oatley’s site and listened to the podcasts with the character designers… educational and funny. I learned that characters with appeal tend to be relatable in one way or another. Such as captain hook and bambi, one’s an antagonist and ones a protagonist but both are likable, because they are relatable in to real life in one way or another. Alright we’re not all pirates on the hunt for that aligator that ate our hand, but we still have goals, dreams, aspirations and fears.

With this in mind, I began hashing out character ideas for the three names given, primarily what relates to the names and what sort of equipment they might have and clothes they might wear.

Clank Weaver MortClank Weaver

I even did basic mock-ups as I wrote up the character item lists. Though I like the idea of a spy character, I wanted to go for a character I wouldn’t normally do. I mean gruff, tough and packing tools isn’t exactly unorthadox for me, but it’s a step in that direction. I looked at Mike Mignola and more importantly, his design of the hellboy character for inspiration, I liked the idea of a beefier character with a jutting lower jaw and an unimpressed appearance, hellboy sprung to mind. Clank equipmentI sketched out a few bits and pieces with more of a focus on equipment and clothes, Clank is a fixer, a junker a future era tinkerer. He’s gruff, tough and constantly covered in oil stains and soot. He doesn’t socialise much, his passion is his life and it’s all he really cares about.Clank Colour psI drew him up in Flash and gave him block colours before transferring him over to photoshop for the final details. I attempted to load him into Photoshop and colour him in completely there, but the colour transfer didn’t sit to well, showing up too much unnatural colouring.

With consideration to his design for a childrens cartoon, he could do with perhaps some brighter colours and perhaps a personality change, a bit less gruff and a lot more friendlier, although one part that I axed out that can be seen in the development sketches is the Blowtorch mask… or Arclight helmet? Is that what they’re called? It had teeth painted on it’s mouth area, but I thought that would’ve made it look a bit too aggressive.

Animation Mini brief, Clank, Weaver and Mort

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