The 9th and 10th Principles… Timing and Exaggeration

A long time waiting this one. You may remember a test animatic of the officer and the vandal.

I got the flash version completed so now I can see how the two compare.

I was very pleased with how the weight of the hammer was translated. If you didn’t notice how it was done, there is a subtle screen shake whenever the hammer comes into contact with the floor.
I would’ve liked more exaggerated movement from the Vandal and more so when the officer is hit. The initial idea was that the Vandal would leap into the hammer smash, with the officer hopping up and down and holding his injured foot. With the leaping I had also planned a quick dynamic cut showing a close up of the Vandal in action, at the moment I feel it’s a bit too “Stage left/stage right”. Ultimately, I had a few projects on the go and I wanted to get this one out as quick as possible, now I’ve more time, I might come back to it and see about making these changes.
The speed at which the project was finished was pretty quick considering the animation process, but some corners were cut as a result, leaving me with an animation which may not be to the standard I might’ve liked it at.
With this in mind, I might have to consider the first release of any future projects as first Drafts, there is always a way to improve the initial design and I don’t usually see it until I’ve finished.

The 9th and 10th Principles… Timing and Exaggeration

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