Photoshop… AGAIN!

SO I went ahead and purchased myself a WACOM tablet so that I may draw on the computer… draw…. yeah. My ultimate goal is to advance my abilities with digital painting. I want people to look at my work and think “is that a photograph or a picture?” Obviously, I’m pretty far from that, but I’ll be edging ever closer. I primarily wanted to advance on an already existing character for this, so I’ve chosen Lady Mace of Mercy! Somewhat inspired by Jen-Tai and Red Sonja and all that lot. Thank you Frank Frazetta.
Lady MaceI drew this in my car one day. I wasn’t sitting in traffic I was actually parked, and I got to thinking I’d like to scan this in and maybe see it come to life just a bit more, so I did just that.

Lady-Mace-PS-colouringfor-web2I stuck it in photoshop and drew around it, outlining all the important bits and even perfecting certain mistaken areas.







Colouring it was a surprisingly hard task, trying to stay within those lines isn’t easy, it’s not like paint or flash where you can just get the fill tool to do it all for you. Well you can, but it’s not quite as clean because… bitmap.







Then the fun part of adding the shading and highlighting. My approach was pretty ham fisted, so I look forward to perfecting these techniques over the years, where the shadow and light will become farrrrr more subtle in my work. That’s the dream anyway.


Photoshop… AGAIN!

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