Examples of Fiction and Non-Fiction Animation

Dumb ways to die:- Is a metro train campaign designed to promote rail safety, with that in mind, the animation initially starts quite silly but gradually get’s more serious as the ways to die become more of a possibility. Despite the message, this is predominately a fictional animation.

El Ladron de Caras (The Face Thief) :- An animation made by Valencia based animation school Primerframe. A fictional tale about a woman who is becoming a victim of the face thief and she hires a private eye to solve the mystery, without spoiling it, it takes a surprising non-fictional twist towards the end.

Kate Bush, an Animated Bio:- Non-fictional animation detailing the highlights of Kate Bush’s musical career. Though the movement is a bit limited, the art style is beautiful to behold.

The Trams in Amsterdam have screens that occasionally show short animated clips demonstrating tram etiquette. Even though the written language is in dutch, there is no speech in these animations making it easier for non dutch speaking tourists to understand what to, and what not to do.

Heat keeper lid system:- A promotional advertisement for Nakoda Energy Services. Non fictional. It’s really boring to watch though and looks like it was made using movie maker and paint.

Examples of Fiction and Non-Fiction Animation

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