Narrative Scenarios and Products.

Come up with short narrative scenarios for the following inspiration points;

The Balloon

1: A helium balloon is dropped by a child and we discover the strange world it enters beyond the clouds.

2: An air balloon piloted by the worlds first aviator.

3: A balloon attempts to change it’s fate by avoiding a pins and finding freedom.

4: A character’s boat sinks and the only thing that keeps him alive is a balloon he uses as a float.

5: A child and a balloon become friends.

6: Balloons gather together at fairs/festivals and socialise.

The Found Object

1: A child in a modern everyday setting discovers a strange object and carries it about, though strange occurances begin to happen around it.

2: Post-apocalyptic setting, an item is discovered by a scavenger that could alter the course of history.

3: A small war is fought over a mysterious item, the item quickly changes owners repeatedly as each owner is killed by the new owner. Aeon FLux Episode 2 reference

4: An Archeologist’s quest for an object

5: A found object drastically advances human technology.

6: We follow a lost object through time as it switches owners and is continuously lost and found throughout the ages and eras.

The Animal Familiar

1: At a coming of age party, an animal familiar appears to a child revealing their magic talent.

2: A familiar is lost when it’s owner passes away

3: Familars gather regularly at a location to determine who will work for which magic user.

4: Out of work familiars struggle to get by in a world where magic is practised less and less.

5: An inept familiar must prove it’s worth

6: A familiar must attempt to guide a clumsy apprentice.

The Basement

1: A child tells a story about what horrors lurk in the basement after dark.

2: A family live in a basement… why?

3: An entity lives in the basement and we see it’s life through a first person view.

4: We look at several objects in a dusty old basement with flash backs to how they got there.

5: A narrative that all takes place within a basement, and we see that family members come down on their own for different reasons. (Father comes down to make model trains, Mother comes down paint, daughter comes down to play, son comes down to listen to music etc)

6: A brother and sister come down to the basement to escape their arguing parents.

The boat on the sea

1: A group live on a boat at sea, only docking for supplies

2: A boat appears off the coast of a seaside town every night, but disappears by morning.

3: Trawler men struggle capturing fish.

4: Bounty hunters hunt mighty game! (Krakens, and whales and sharks and stuff!)

5: A civilian boat get’s caught in the middle of a fierce barrage between two ships.

6: Marooned survivors spot a ship and attempt to get it’s attention.


Come up with specific brand names for each of the following broad ideas.

A Power Tool – Strong Arm (The Hammer you can rely on), Workman’s Friend (Protective Pads for keeping your limbs safe), Lancer (For when you need to drill through a safe)

A Breakfast Cereal – Splatters (Chocolately something or other), Fiber Stix (Bran heavy cereal, for a regular digestive system), Gerrup Ango (Cereal promoting energy output for active lifestyles)

Mobile Connectivity/Internet Access – Sky Beam (Dark Tower reference, the idea that beams in the sky hold the sky up), Air Line (Not as in aeroplanes, promoting the idea of wireless mobile connectivity), Cloud Surf (Again, my wireless connectivity), Windee (Play on windy… not really sure, but when the wind is good, kites can fly so it could be built around that)

Brand Training Shoes – Upstarts (Running attire for the novice runner), Jump Kicks (High grade trainers for the serious competitor), Soft Sneaks (Versatile training shoes for runners, climbers and general athletes), Shoooze… just because.

A Chocolate Bar – Crumbly (Like a flake, but not), Choco-Snaps (Thin bits of biscuity covered choclately biscuits),

Narrative Scenarios and Products.

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