Show Reel Examples

Tips and the like

Example 1: Stephen Vuillemin, Animation showreel. The quality of work is really smooth, but I feel the pace is just a little bit slow for my liking.

Example 2: Vahid3d, I like the pacing of this one much more, however, it’s more a display of 3D visual manipulation than it is of animation. Not to say there isn’t -some- animation, it’s just not the main point of focus.

Example 3: Pravinclick, good example of animation, bad example of a showreel. Though it displays good animation technique, it doesn’t show enough diversity, it’s simply a single animated narrative.

Example 4: Chris O’Hara, the animations were funny, but it didn’t -feel- like a showreel, it felt more like an a series of animated shorts, though admittedly the animations did display a range of technical skill, I felt the recorded voice quality was quite poor, and the lack of sound in some scenes was noticable.

Example 5: AnimSchool 2012 Student Showcase, a showreel, demonstrating the combined efforts of the summer students of AnimSchool. Depicts some great stuff, and the pacing is good. Quite long though, that may only be to show off the talents of the multiple students involved.

Example 6: The 2007 reel of Jennifer Hager, a beautiful reel, the music really gives it that nice emotional touch. The characters felt alive, you could see it in their expressions, it’s made me realise there’s more to good animation than just fine movement. Characters have to act and react to what they’re doing.

I also learnt that when it comes to music in showreels, I can’t use contemporary copyrighted music in my videos. But there is a lot of royalty free music that should work just fine.


Kevin Mcleod at incompetech seems to be a good choice.

Show Reel Examples

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