A inital showreel draft

This showreel is composed of the 2D animation that I’ve made throughout my life. It’s already lacking as it only shows a few bits of work I’ve done since I started this course (because I’ve not done as much as I could’ve). I only just recently learned how to properly export flash footage and premier footage. SWF’s can be imported into premier rather than as AVI files, that way, no quality is lost. Another note is, there is no contact information, simply my name and that it’s a showreel. I used Kevin Macleod’s music from incompetech, a song called “The Descent”. Over the next few months, I’ll be developing some straight through and key framing animation that has a much more impressive visual aesthetic to input into my showreel, it won’t have any narrative, they’ll just be 10 second shorts showing off the twelve principles in some form or another, without pointing it out specifically in the animation ofcourse, it should be made visible.

A inital showreel draft

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