Product and Advertisement.

Following on from the post of Narrative Scenarios and Products, we were given the task of advertising one of the created products using one of the narrative scenarios we came up with.

I threw together three ideas I liked;

Training Shoes: Jump Kicks. With the advertisement showing a scavenger outrunning some corporate security thugs. Might promote the wrong idea however, such as anti-establishment. I’m not into that.

Internet/Mobile Network: Sky Beam. The advertisement shows an archeologist finding a mysterious object that advances human technology, the object being the catalyst of sky beam.

Breakfast: Fiber Stix. Trawler Men on a boat at sea fill up on hearty bowls of Fiber Stix and proceed to be amazing at catching fish.

With time limitations in mind, I had to be realistic, I went for the Sky Beam idea. I mapped out a very basic story board and followed it from there.
Air beam
I began on an animatic, but quickly got sucked in and ended up making a full animation that’s a about a minute long. With the time constraints I went for a minimalist black and white cut out style. As I worked, the story unfolded in my head. A person would be digging but stop to check their phone to find they have no signal, the camera would then pan to their vehicle which is clearly in a state of disrepair. Just as the person seems to lose hope, a pillar of green light erupts from the spot he was digging in, knocking him to the ground. As he looks up to see the pillar reach high into the sky, he checks his phone and finds his signal is maxed out.
When it came to the damaged vehicle, I needed a reference to rely on. One of the wheels would roll away and pewter out on itself, much like when a spinning coin runs out of momentum.

Armed with this, I powered on with the animation, and what was two days of solid work, I came out with something presentable but with no sound. First thing I noticed was Sky Beam sounds very much like something an existing T.V. company may have released, so I renamed the project to Air Beam instead.

One immediate critique is the pacing, the advert is way to long and needs to be about thirty seconds shorter. Another MASSIVE critique is the typography, I used Stencil for the final “Air Beam” quote, because of it’s punchy and straight forward design. Upon reflection, Stencil is the kind of typeface you might find on the side of a military vehicle. I needed to do some type research, I’ve already committed a pretty big faux pas already, I didn’t even stop to look at existing mobile device adverts. Let’s do that now.

The font is quite straight forward, I should definitely make mine a lot less… green. I was trying to match the title with the product colour, but I think that is a mistake.

The final edit has been shortened by thirty seconds, and the final type has been revised for a more profresional and less garish look.

Product and Advertisement.

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