First Commission.

I was recently commission to create an artistic piece for an already existing character on Neverwinter Night’s server known as Ravenloft. I was given the character’s description as well as a few stock images to best decribe their appearance;

“Would you be able to draw this character for me, please? She is quite a challenge, for reasons that will become apparent.

This edit shows her pegleg, but not the arm that goes out of view, which is a metal appendage from the elbow down, coloured gold and platinum. Here’s a good face shot, showing her eyes drained of colour (except the irises).

As the bottom picture shows, she often wears black (a long gown with a laced bodice and flowing skirt).”

“Her full name is Sheridan Darcy Eliana! I think a thoughtful position, perhaps seated looking down, but with her face still in view if you get what I mean? If you could try something a bit more realistic, I love what you have done so far and I think something a little more ‘real’ looking would be very effective!”

These assisted greatly in the development process;

Sherry 1
Sherry 1
Sherry 1

I felt none of these angles were right, but I began creating the image from scratch in photoshop and sent the development to the client for a review to see if it was to their satisfaction.

“Oh, thanks! I really like how it looks so far!”

With that in mind, I polished off the final piece and we agreed on who get’s rights to what.

“If you are satisfied then I shall also show off the pic on the forums along with my development work. Some sketches and stuff you might be interested see. I’ll just repeat for good measure, we both have rights to the picture, you can use it however you wish, you can even edit it, say if you want to put it in a signature. If you plan on posting it anywhere else then simply credit me, preferably by linking to my blog ( If I post it anywhere other than here, then I’ll state the character idea isn’t mine, simply the picture.”


First Commission.

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