Character Design, exploitation and protection.

We were tasked with creating a character for media that can be exploited as well as protected within a creative industry.

Taken from

Exploiting Copyright & Using Copyright

If a person or organisation wishes to use a copyright work in a way which will infringe the exclusive rights of that owner and no exception applies, they cannot do so without the permission of the copyright owner.

The way in which permission can be granted varies (see If you have copyright, what can you do with it?).

The copyright owner may refuse to give permission for use of their work.

It is important to remember that buying or owning the original or a copy of the physical form of the copyright work does not necessarily give you permission to use it however you wish.

For example, buying a copy of a book, CD, computer program and so on, does not necessarily give you the right to make extra copies (even for private use) or to play or show them in public.

Some minor uses may fall within the scope of one of the exceptions (see Exceptions to copyright) to copyright, but for actions that infringe copyright and are not covered by those exceptions, you will usually need to approach the copyright owner and ask to purchase an assignment of copyright in the work or, as is more usual, negotiate a licence to cover the use you intend to make of the work.

Another helpful bank of information here. Explaining how you are free to exploit work that you own the copyright to. In cases where multiple creatives own the copyright to one piece of work, then permission would have to be obtained from each creative before exploitation takes place. Any and all of these rights may be sold, or in most cases licensed, where the right still stays with the holder (the licenser) but gives the licensee a certain amount of reign over the product at least for a limited period of time. For instance, the Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to use the software but only for a limited time, for continued use a monthly fee is required. It seems that anything created using this software belongs to the licensee rather than the licenser.


This ties in quite well with a deviantart competition taking place. Creatives are tasked with creating character cards for the Hearthstone game expansion, following the theme of Gnomes and Goblins. One thing I’ll have to be weary of, I draw a lot of my inspiration from Magic the Gathering Trading Card game. Especially for something like Gnomes and Goblins, such a race exists called Kithkin. It’s fair to say they follow in the footprints of hobbits, halflings and their ilk. With such inspiration to be gained from the Kithkin, I’ll have to be sure I don’t outright copy any of the designs straight onto paper.


Looking at some of the base sources, a ruled out the idea of Bombardeers or Grenadiers because of all the goblin explosive tech. I’m going to get a few of these into a photoshop and see what I can do.

I thought it important to note the Entrant’s Rights:


    • All Works submitted will remain the exclusive property of the Entrant, provided that:
      • Entrant will not acquire any ownership or other interest in any and all trademarks, logos and other intellectual property of Blizzard and/or the Hearthstone franchise including the characters referred to in the Asset Pack at the Contest Site (collectively the “Marks”) as contained in the Work;
      • except as expressly required in these Official Rules, Entrant may not use the Marks in any manner whatsoever in connection with the Work or otherwise without Sponsor’s express prior written approval;
      • during the Promotion Period, and for a period of one year thereafter, eligible Works submitted to the Contest may be posted at the Contest Site or otherwise displayed in selections made by Sponsor or Blizzard, and in any form and media on or off the deviantART site, but only in connection with promotion of the Contest and/or with reference to the Contest;
      • during the ten (10) year period immediately following the Promotion Period (the “Display Period”), Sponsor and Blizzard may (but will not be obligated to) display the first, second and third place prize winning Works in any form and media in connection with the promotion of their respective businesses;
      • Sponsor and Blizzard may otherwise use the first, second and third place prize winning Works in such manner not specifically set forth herein upon terms and conditions as the relevant Entrant may approve in writing (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned). Entrant acknowledges that Blizzard may request to purchase a first, second or third place winning Work outright and Entrant agrees to accept a commercially appropriate offer for such a purchase if made. Blizzard is under no obligation to make such an offer to a winning Entrant.
      • The first, second or third place winning Entrants, without the prior written consent of Blizzard, may not authorize or permit their respective Works to be used to promote any product or service of any party other than Entrant and/or Sponsor and Blizzard; and Entrants may not sell their respective Work or receive any payment for the use of the Work;
      • Entrants may only use their Work for the purposes of display in social networks such as deviantART or in a personal portfolio all to the extent the Work incorporates the Marks; and
      • Entrant warrants and represents that his or her contributions to the Work are completely original to the Entrant and will not infringe upon any third party intellectual property rights of any kind in any manner.

This is one of my first designs, a rough and tougher Gnome flamer woman, complete with cigar and flamer tan. Cigar smoking appears to be a recurring motif of flamer operators.

Battersmash Zerker colour copy
This idea was meant to just be a Goblin Bezerker that they let off the leash to damage, but as I created it, I realised it would be a lot funnier if they used him as a projectile. He’s already crazy, so they may as well stick him in a catapult and launch him at people. He can do a lot of damage, if he survives the impact.
Gnome SNiper

I had this idea for a while, about a Gnome Commando that makes devastating strikes with pin point precision, and then disapears.

Character Design, exploitation and protection.

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