Contact Clips. Possible Client

Mind Signal2Contact clips, short 6 second animations that would play when you receive a call from someone. Default clips, or Dclips in this case. 6 Seconds max, MP4 1080×1920

Send them to by 12/12/14

I designed four default contact clips for now.

fire elemental

The messenger bird came to mind quite quickly, I was sure to note down anything that had anything to do with communication. This included messenger birds, ringing phones, telegraph machines and so on… I didn’t like the idea of having a ringing phone animated on a ringing phone.

Contact Clips BirdNext was just a little something that would envelope the entire phone screen, it was halloween when I made this one so I drew from that a bit.

Contact Clips Face

I was given the idea of a satellite dish pulsing out a signal but I took it one step further and went for a character producing a mind signal like someone trying to contact telepathically.

Mind Signal2

The final one I just did for a bit of fun, just to show off some simplistic frame by frame fire effects.

Fire hair2

Contact Clips. Possible Client

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