Example Code of Practise

1: At all times, business shall be conducted completely, with integrity and honesty.

2: When accepting a commission the illustrator/designer/creative should ensure that clients are aware of the extent of the rights they are purchasing. If no contract has been supplied by the client, the illustrator should provide written confirmation of engagement which includes this information.

3: The illustrator/designer/creative shall treat all information relating to their client’s business as confidential.

4: Illustrators/designers/creatives who intend to be away from their normal place of work for more than a full working day should inform any client for whom they are currently working.

5: The illustrator/Designer/Creative shall not subcontract work without the agreement of the client except in areas of illustration /designer/creative where this is customary.

6: Once the client has approved a rough, the illustrator/designer/creative should not make significant changes at artwork stage without prior approval.

7: If an illustrator/designer/creative is given an open brief there must be, as far as possible, a proper understanding of the boundaries of the illustrator/designer/creative’s experience and flexibility. This avoids time unnecessarily spent making huge changes at rough stage.

8: Artwork/Designs should be of similar style and STANDARD to that already approved on the illustrator/designer/creative’s portfolio, unless otherwise agreed with the client.

9: The illustrator/designer/creative may charge a reasonable fee for significant alterations which were not in the original brief, however, the illustrator/designer/creative may not charge extra fees for alterations which are the fault of the artist/designer/creative, nor for trivial alterations.

10: The illustrator/designer/creative must not licence artwork to a third party during the currency of an existing license unless agreed with the client. In addition advertising illustration/intellectual properties should not be re-licensed to a third party after the expiry of the license if such action is likely to be detrimental to the client’s business.

11: Illustrator/Designer/Creatives working on advertising or promotional material should not knowingly work simultaneously for clients who are in direct competition for one another without the agreement of both. In the case of conflict, the illustrator/designer/creative should accept the commission of the first comer.

12: The illustrator/designer/creative must not act recklessly to endanger the relationship between an intermediary (design group or agency) and it’s client. In particular, the illustrator/designer/creative should inform the intermediary before taking any legal action against it’s client and give it a reasonable opportunity to settle the matter itself.

13: Illustrator/designer/creatives shall not set out to copy the work or imitate the style of another illustrator/designer/creative, and may not accept commissions to do so. However, emulation of and influence by another artist is permissible.

14: Illustrator/designer/creatives must at all times bear in mind the reputation of their agency and the other artists represented by it and act accordingly/

15: Illustrator/designer/creatives must honour agreements with their agents and in particular any agreement about exclusivity of representation. If a potential client refuses to deal through an agent, illustrator/designer/creatives should accept the commission only after obtaining the agreement of their agent.

16: Illustrator/designer/creatives should not discuss money or deadlines with a client if represented by an agent unless otherwise agreed.

17: Illustrator/designer/creatives must inform their agent if they intend to be away from their normal place of work for a full working day or more.

18: The illustrator/designer/creatives must inform their agent immediately of any anticipated delay in delivery.


Ultimately, it’s about respect, whenever offered a choice, I have to treat others how I’d like to be treated. So long as I remain honest to those I work with about everything I do, I should be fine.

Example Code of Practise

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