Freudian and Jungian imagery

A found a link to a powerpoint here that explained some of the finer points of Freudian interpretations in dreams and art.

I’ll summarize, it explains that man has often used destruction and placement of phallic symbols to demonstrate power, things that are often deemed as “Masculine”, masculinity and the ability to destroy are closely linked. We can look at modern day monuments and amassing of firepower to prove this. In stark contrast, the “Feminine” is depicted as safe, a representation of the nurturing woman. Flowers often represent the feminine, as with the work of Georgia O’keefe.

Women are later shown to be a symbol of fear for the masculine, with the Gorgon Medusa being the earliest depiction of the monstrous feminine figure with reference to “Vagina Dentata” and castration. It even mentions the monstrous feminine figure as depicted by the Alien Queen in Aliens, with the Queen and Ripley facing off at the film’s climax is James Cameron showing two maternal figures confronting each other.

The image of the mythological earth mother as a devourer of man can be seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, where prisoners are forced to walk off a plank into the mouth of a Sarlacc, a ground dwelling creature. In contrast, in The Empire Strikes back, the millenium falcon narrowly avoids being consumed by a giant, asteroid dwelling space slug known as an exogorth, perhaps a fear of being consumed by their own masculinity? Come to think of it, Star Wars is quite possibly riddled with imagery such as this. When Luke get’s his hand dismembered by Vader, that can be construed as a castration complex, empowered further more by the fact that they are father and son, and male children fear castration and it’s loss of power.

Lingam (Sanskrit for “shaft of light”) is the term for the Hindu god Shiva as represented by a phallus (erect male organ). Usually found in conjunction with the Yoni (‘vulva”) which represents the goddess Shakti – the source of Creative Energy. They co-join to form Bhrama – the Universe. This is the Hindu Trilogy; the representation of the twins of Creation and Destruction as the highest manifestations or aspects of the One (Bhrama).
Ties quite nicely back to masculinity and feminity as represented in medi.
Freudian and Jungian imagery

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