Getting my animations out there.

After the completion of my Amy Johnson non-fiction animation, I sent an e-mail to the Hull Museums to see if they would want to use it. Afterall, I created it with the City of Culture in  mind.

“Hello, my name is Daryl, I’m a 2nd year animation student at the school of art and design. I recently made a non-fiction animation about the achievements of Amy Johnson (can be viewed at, I thought one of the museums may be interested in using it. Though the Hands On History seemed like the most appropriate choice, I’m not certain where you’d like to present it if at all.
Though if it is something that interests you, just let me know and I’ll send you the video file for your use.
I hope to hear from you.”

With professional practise in mind, I kept the e-mail as straight forward and to-the-point as I could. I hadn’t heard anything in a while, but I eventually got this reply;

“Dear Mr Farr,
Thank you for your e-mail and for your kind offer to let us use your excellent animation on Amy Johnson.  We think there may be an option for us to display this temporarily in a small display we have on Amy Johnson in Streetlife Museum. 
If we were able to display this it would be on a digital photo frame for initially 6 months as a trial.  It would be without sound as the frame would be behind glass.  We would credit you next to this.  An MP4 file would be helpful, and if it cannot be e-mailed, then on CD is best for us, as our council system does not allow us to use drop-boxes etc. 
If you are willing, and we are able to install this, we might then consider putting out a press release to promote both Streetlife and you and your course.
Please let me know your thoughts.
Best wishes,

(names left out for confidentiality)

I immediately exported a video file with the sound removed to fit into the 25 MB limit given on e-mails. Though I specified if it’s not up to standard that they let me know as soon as possible so I can rectify it.

“I’m very pleased to hear this. I’ve sent you an MP4 copy without sound, just let me know the dates and I can promote it as well. If there’s anything I’ve missed please let me know. Hopefully the quality will suffice, but if not, I can run in a higher quality version on a CD.


Which was met with this reply:

“Thanks Daryl,
We’ll be in touch in the New Year once we’re in a position to install this.  It may be mid-January or later because of other things we have on, but don’t worry, we’ll be in touch.
Best Wishes,”
So, around Feburary, keep an eye out for a blog posting featuring me videoing my animation in place.
Getting my animations out there.

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