Straight through animation… a few examples.

I’ve been using my tablet and the paintbrush setting in flash, to simply try a few new things, from image composition…

salty sailor(oops, the background didn’t render)


A salty sailor. Alright, maybe I could’ve coloured him too. But I really wanted to animate.

I drew in basic poses every few frames to get the pacing right, then I drew in the rest. It looked pretty good shot in 2’s but I wanted to see what every single occupied frame would look like. Turns out, it was actually pretty unnecessary.



My girlfriend then set me a riddiculous animation brief, which I was only too happy to oblige. Simply, I was to “create a sloth, attempting to climb a tree, and then he get’s swept up by a tornado”. Silly indeed, but a good warm up nonetheless.




sloth climb

I had this idea in my head for a while and it felt good to finally put it into an animatic. I’ve enjoyed a good game of magic the gathering, and suppose this is a yu-gi-oh take on how some of those games might go. It’s a simple demonstration of movement and cinematics as two creatures face off against each other.

There’s a little more too it than that. I’ve take my Freudian research into account, and there’s a reason I’ve chosen such a … ‘phallousy’ creature for the male’s summon. The first part of the female’s summon too appear is her head, which though easy to miss, could very well look like an opening vagina. Did I do this on purpose? Yes indeed. You could say it represents feminity’s struggle to overcome a masculine dominated opposition against massive odds.

Card duel

But I also just like epic battle sequences.

Straight through animation… a few examples.

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